Press Coverage

© Lydia Keck, Kölnische Rundschau, 19.02.2008.
Published with permission.

This nice and favourable review (click on picture to enlarge) was published in Cologne. It is encouraging to see that someone understands and appreciates what we are doing.

Konglomerat In Cologne

Keeping it real once again, this time in Cologne.

The Konglomerat In Köln exhibition opened Friday at the Alte Feuerwache.

Artists present at the vernissage were (see upper photo from left to right) Olaf Scherken, Victoria van Beek, Peter Klint, Ingo Schuch, Birgit Richter-Trautmann (who also organised the show), Cabron, Frank Christopher Schröder.

Also in the show but unavailable in person for the evening were Adam Tompkins, Andreas Torneberg, Christien Lloyd and Danny Gijsbers.

The exhibition itself was well received by both artists and visitors and once more proved that the old do-it-yourself spirit is still alive and kicking.

Fotos of the event can be found here and here.