DSOA: Surrealist principles applied to the production of digital art

Applied Process: The images originate in the analog realm and transition to the digital, sometimes going back and forth between the two states several times. DSOA is also a showcase for how blockchain technology can be used in the distribution of art.

Randomness/chance is deliberately added to the mix, it is a legitimate part of the artistic process according to the surrealist school of thought. This process produces images that AI could never do since there is no way to write a prompt for them, unless of course you train an LLM on the existing images and then tell it to do “something like this”. The results would still be radically different, though, because the analog part of the process produces patterns that draw upon the underlying organizing structure of reality, a concept which cannot yet be defined in terms a machine could understand.

The viewer provides an additional layer to the final result through his or her unique interpretation. This means that every viewer sees a different image, even though the source material is identical.

DSOA, who's it for? What's it for?

The images themselves are very well suitable as profile pictures on social media accounts showing that the owner has an independent mind and that he/she knows what an NFT is. Collectibles for people who don't necessarily follow the latest trends but rather the beat of their own drum and who are on the cutting edge when it comes to technology.

Will they increase in value over time? Probably not, but who knows? Each image is minted in an edition of one, and there is only a finite amount of NFTs.

There will never be more than 999 DSOA pieces.

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