Piranha (Paul Baloff)

2006 | 70 x 100 cm
acrylic colors on screen printing board
An attempt at explaining the work: The painting above Piranha (Paul Baloff) is one of the pictures that could be called "heavy metal inspired art" in lack of a better term. It is dedicated - as its title implies - to the late Paul Baloff.
The question is if it is possible to catch the essence of someone you have never - or in this case only once, briefly - met in person.
The answer in my opinion is yes. Artists and especially performers such as musicians speak through their work and thus portraying someone on the basis of their work is justified.
The Exodus album Bonded by Blood was a milestone in the then radically new and exciting field of Thrash Metal (or Speed Metal as it was referred to at the time). The album itself conserves a period of time that I, for various reasons, hold very dear.

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