Another master

"The number of the beast"
© 1982 Derek Riggs
An artist that had a huge influence on me during those teenage years is Derek Riggs, especially the work he did for Iron Maiden.

Shocking and extreme, yet skilled and thoughtful, it opened a whole new perspective and that's what I need art to do for me.

Check out which is finally up again.

A master

copyright Winston Smith
"Idol (In God We Trust, Inc.)"
© Winston Smith 1978-1981
Since this blog is meant to give some clues about my influences and sources of inspiration Winston Smith can never be excluded from a list like this because he was (and is) simply cool, both in terms of graphic style and attitude.

See for details.

Man With Four Ties

2005 | 20 x 30 cm
digital print on 160 g/qm Color Copy
limited edition of 50 copies
handsigned and numbered

Stuck! Stuck! Stuck!

One of the main portals to art on the web is where one has access to the latest news and all facts about the radical international movement of Stuckism.

Also available is overview of the paintings by the vaious Stuckists around the world.

Welcome to my blog

So here it is. After many requests for more information concerning my work I will share some thoughts as well as links and whatever comes to mind in this blog. This will be done in english only because the majority of people visiting are from all over the world and english is the common denominator. Thanks for stopping by.