The Theory

thoughts and philosophy

creative process: To begin with there is always the empty canvas or sheet of paper. The main point is starting to do something at all. What comes out comes out. No regrets. Period.

titles: People want titles and through those titles expect readymade meaning. The main message here is to encourage people to think for themselves. Whatever the painting tells the viewer that's what it is. Often people come up with more interesting stories and intricate explanations as to what a certain piece of art might mean than it's creator could have ever thought of.
This realisation is vital. Art only counts if it provokes thoughts. So for indexing reasons most paintings carry the title of a song that played when the painting was either begun or finished. The title of a painting does not necessarily help in deciphering its meaning.

techniques: The final piece of art is all that matters, the way there mere detail.

computers: The use of a computer as means of artistic expression is justified as long as the use does not exceed that of a digital drawing pad, i.e. as long as the artist is able to control all aspects (parameters) of the computing process.

materials: Materials should be cheap. Artistic output must not be reserved only to those priviliged enough to be able to buy expensive supplies. Materials used amongst other things are canvas, wood, industrial screen printing board and various kinds of paper. Colours used are acrylics, oil paints, water colours and whatever was available at the time.

the artist: Again the outcome is all that matters. People are what they are and being able to paint does not automatically make one a better person. It's always the song never the singer.

training: None. And proud of it. Accepting one's limitations and ignorance is vital in order not to let someone else's expectations interfere with the act of creation even if that means that the work of art is considered somewhat of lesser quality than it could be. Who's to judge ? Painting is the most primal and personal activity there is.

freedom: True freedom is a state of mind. The challenge is to stay fresh and mentally independent (if there is such a thing) as the years go by.

inspiration: Too many influences to name them all. See here for a few examples.
For now a quote from Jello Biafra: It's never too late to THINK.

a dead shark: isn't art. Don't believe the hype, Duchamp was joking. Stuck ? You bet.