View From The Balcony

2007 | Dimensions: Appr. 200 x 40 cm
Collage, acrylics, Molotow markers and ballpen
on paper

This set of three pictures depicts the view from the balcony while the southern wind is blowing.

It makes the Bavarian Alps seem very close although they are more than 100 kilometers away.

Private View STUCKOMENTA 3

30. March, 2007
Stuckomenta 3, 10 artists from 3 countries in Munich.

Artists who made a personal apperance: Stuckists Mary von Stockhausen, Christian Malsch and Frank Christopher Schroeder as well as guest artists Birgit Richter-Trautmann and Manuel Goetz.

The estimated 100 plus guests responded very well in many different ways both to the exhibition itself and the fact that it was a selforganised and independent show, manifesting itself among other things in half a dozen sales on that very evening.

The exhibition space, a comunity center that includes an 88 seat cinema, is rather unusual as a venue for hanging paintings and gave the show an additional underground edge.

Photographs of the event are available here.