Mother (Danzig 1988)

... Mother, tell your children not walk my way,
    mother, tell your children not to hear my words,
    what they mean, what they say ...

2008 | 70 x 50 cm
acrylics on canvas

From Here To There: The Process

This post is an attempt at showing the creative process which led in this
case to I Can See For Miles (Keith Moon). Not all paintings are done this way but some are. It is a modern version on the old traditional process that takes an original idea through various stages of sketches and studies to the final painting.

The original image in this case is a series of snapshots of Keith Moons drumkit printed out on an old b/w laserprinter (picture 1).

Stage two are pencil sketches which are all done freehand without tracing or technical or optical aides (picture 2).

Next in line are colored sketches on paper using acrylics, water colors, paint mark
ers and whatever else is at hand (picture 3). This part, like almost everything else, is very free and unrestricted, its main purpose is to develop the form, the colors are irrelevant at this point.

The final step is the painting itself (picture 4) done on screen printing board in oil or acrylics.

This whole process is very lose and flexible. The form is now the framework upon which the colors and additional shapes are given room to evolve, comparable to blues based rock'n'roll played by the likes of The Cream, Black Sabbath and, yes, The Who where a rather simple recurring rhythm is used as the base upon which the various instruments improvise thus
spontaneously creating something that is totally unplanned and unexpected.

New exhibition Feb 2008 in Cologne

A new show is being organised in Cologne featuring around a dozen interesting artists from the KONGLOMERAT / Stuckist scene.

A detailed list of people taking part (including yours truly) and some more information can be found here.