Apocalyptic City (A Farewell To Form)

2014 | 100 x 70 cm | acrylics, water colors, pen,
Molotov markers on screen printing board

Form Is Emptiness

Dyptich  | 2014 | 140 x 100 cm | Collage,
mixed technique on screen printing board

Minimalist Redesign: Goodbye To The Headline Logo

So there it is. After 17 years of having an online presence I have finally dropped the headline logo.

The headline logo can still be looked at here but it does not have a raison d'ĂȘtre on the site anymore. I have decided to discard all unnecessary baggage shooting for a leaner, more focused approach designwise.

No more frills, just the chops.

Dead Heroes

Teaser for upcoming show in Munich 2014, location and time to be announced.

The show will be part traditional exhibition and part digital exhibit. This video contains some works of the Dead Heroes cycle which will be used in the digital part of the show.

Each painting will be shown as a whole on a screen and details will be shown on half a dozen smaller screens simultaneously.

The details change every 60 seconds thus changing the atmosphere of the whole room.